My journey is dedicated to my father.
I dedicated The First to him. And to how much his belief in me has led me to imagine a profession that has become a challenge first and a love later on.
It was my father who pushed me to imagine, to look for jobs when I was a little girl, in Grado with my grandparents, who pushed me to try, to sell things, to invent solutions.
And it’s my father who taught me the love to travel.
But the most important thing I think I learned thanks to him is happiness, the happiness that you achieve when a passion becomes a job, and when a job becomes your life.
I remember him with a smile when, as fathers know how to do it, he helped me to attend a tourism management high school, to start my apprenticeship in a travel agency in Via Meravigli in Milan and to take advantage of my role as a young delivery girl to open my mind, listen to everything, and grow myself together with the idea of this wonderful job.
Then, precisely, you grow up.
You start to have hungry and thirsty for new cultures, experiences, places never seen before, far from us and our history.
Then you start to travel.
You begin to tell stories, to share beauty, to select contacts, tour operators,destinations, to distinguish really new things from the fashions of the moment.
And sometimes friends become customers, sometimes customers become friends.
(if you recognise yourself in this sentence, well, yes – I’m talking about you, but rest assured I won’t name names!)

Then passion becomes a job, even if you hardly notice it

I can still see him, my father, happy about it, that he knew all along.
The rest is today.
The First means organisation and specialisation in the field, after being a guide for several trips.
The First becomes acquainted with people, places, resorts, private flight companies, exclusive solutions of all kinds.
It becomes an adventure: following the holidays of famous people, of fashion, of entertainment, of organising private events for leading organisations.
The First means special tourism and luxury events, with the opportunity to keep up with everything that emerges and with what you need to discover to stay in your destination.
It really happened – this job became my life, this is a daily privilege for me, a lucky star that still pushes me to know, to try, to surprise, to exceed the expectations of those who travel with me.
Actually, Dad, I want to tell you, whoever travels with The First.
Maybe I haven’t told you yet, but everything you taught me today is called: The First.


Monica Corinti